Pastoral Council Members


July 1 2016 - June 30, 2017


Social Justice

Anita Levesque


Worship and spirituality

Pam Cowperwaithe



Life Long Faith Formation

Deacon Al



Parish Life

Alice Beaulieu




Mark Stile



Ladies Sodality

Mary Fowler



Sue Hardy


Knights of Columbus

Paul Klein









St. Mary-St. Agnes-St. Paul




We believe in a New Evangelization that fosters the Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our daily living through acts of charity, teaching the doctrines and Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, celebrating her sacramental and liturgical life as a community of faith and being good stewards of our temporal gifts.




The pastoral council exists for the purpose of nurturing our Catholic faith community by fostering our Cluster mission. It is responsible for planning the future of our cluster to transform our people into better disciples of Jesus Christ.




The role of the parish pastoral council is to maintain the integrity of the parish mission and the goals and objectives related to it. Within this new model, programs and events continue to take place in the parish through the efforts of dedicated parishioners, commissions, organizations and committees, always in the context of the parish mission.


Basically the pastoral council:


1. nurtures the mission of Cluster 4 churches.


2. reviews the yearly goals and activities of the major parish committees

and commissions and makes recommendations and suggestions to the



3. establishes long term goals and directions for the Cluster and helps carry them



4. establishes and maintains an on-going relationship with the

commissions, business coordinator and finance council to better assess

our present and anticipated needs.


5. helps the commissions realize their goals.


6. cooperates with the diocesan plan for a New Evangelization.





Council members are to be:


1. known and trusted in the parish community.


2. members of a Cluster 4 church for at least one (1) year prior to service.


3. participants in the parish worship life, especially, Sunday Mass and church



4. capable of communicating well with others.


5. good at fostering healthy relationships with others: parish staff, commissions,

and various organizations and committees within and outside the cluster.


6. willing to adhere to the Diocesan Code of Ethics.


7. at least eighteen years of age with the exception of youth representatives if

one is chosen to serve.






A. The Names of the Commissions:


Faith Formation and Evangelization

Worship and Spirituality

Social Justice

Family and Church Life



B. The process of building commissions:


1. At all weekend Masses in May, parishioners will pray, reflect, and discern their

individual gifts and talents.


2. On the Second Sunday in May, the pastor/administrator and/or a member of

the current pastoral council will speak to the parishioners on the nature,

purpose and role of parish commissions.


3. From the second Sunday in May to the first Sunday in June parishioners will

place their name or the name of someone else in a box located near the

ambo for service on a particular commission that best reflects the person’s

gifts and talents.


4. The current chairperson of the particular commission will invited those

nominated to an informational meeting in June to learn more about the

commission to which he or she was nominated.


C. Number and terms of pastoral council membership selected from the commissions.

It is vital that open communication exists between and among the commissions and the pastoral council. In light of this need, the pastor/administrator will appoint the pastoral council members from the commissions.


1. The pastor/administrator will select the pastoral council members.


2. Membership on the council shall consist of ten; one from each commission

from our two parishes (five from St. Mary and five from St. Agnes-St. Paul).


3. The pastor may also appoint one member from the following organizations for

a term of one year:


a. Ladies Sodality of St. Agnes-St. Paul

b. The Knights of Columbus

c. The Houlton Council of Catholic Women


4. Council members will serve for a three (3) year term.


  1. Members may renew their membership for another three (3) years for a total of six (6) years.


6. After serving two terms (6 years), a person must be off the Council for a

minimum of (1) year before becoming eligible to serve again. However, the

person may continue to serve on a commission.


7. The terms of Council membership will be staggered so that not all members

are replaced at a given time.


8. Pastoral council members who resign or who leave before their term expires

will be replaced by appointment by the pastor/administrator upon

the recommendations of the council


D. Procedural Review.

Nomination and selection procedures of the Council members shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by the Council. Amendment to the procedures can be made following our proper amendment process found in this handbook.





Presider: The pastor's role within the Council is that of president and presider who oversees meetings, but does not facilitate meetings. As the one who is ultimately responsible to the parish and the bishop, he attends and actively participates in all Council meetings, deliberations, discussions, discernment, and decision-making.


Facilitator: This person is a Council member who is chosen by the

council through discernment and consensus. Responsibilities include:


a. calling all regular and special meetings of the Council.


b. determining the agenda for Council meetings in consultation

with the pastor and Council membership.


c. facilitating meetings.


d. appointing ad-hoc committees of Council members in

consultation with the pastor and Council members.


e. keeping the Council focused on the agenda.



Recorder: The recorder, who is the official record keeper of the

Council, maintains a record of all major decisions and discussions at

Council meetings. The recorder informs Council members of the

agenda for all meetings, provides minutes of previous meetings, sees to the posting of minutes in cluster churches, distributes resources and materials necessary for the work of Council, and maintains archives of the Council's activities.


Spiritual Formation Leader: The Spiritual Formation Leader "plans programs of spiritual enrichment for Council members, prepares the prayer/study segment

of each meeting, determines the direction for spiritual growth of the

Council, plans evenings of prayer or an annual Council retreat, and

prepares the prayers and spiritual enrichment during the process for

new Council members and their formation.


Note: Selection for the leadership roles will be done by Council members

through prayer, discernment and consensus. If a consensus cannot be reached the pastor will appoint the leader.







1. All leadership roles, except the presider, are for two (2) years and renewable


for another two (2) years.





1. Within the framework of its consultative role to the pastor, decisions

normally will be made through a process of consensus. If necessary, the

presider may call for a majority vote.


2. Meetings will be called six (6) times per year (one every other month) at a time

convenient to a majority of the members.


3. All meetings will be open to the public.


4. Special meetings may be called by the pastor/administrator.


5. More than half of the membership constitutes a quorum.




1. Council members are expected to attend regularly scheduled and announced

meetings as part their commitment to the Council and the cluster.


2. If unable to attend a meeting, it is the responsibility of the member to inform

the pastor or facilitator in advance. This act of courtesy and respect for the

Council members will help in preparing and conducting Council meetings.

[Reminder: Membership (or service) on the council is a privilege and not a



3. In case of emergencies, members are allowed 3 unexcused absences a year

before the issue of removal is addressed. [Unexcused-no notification before

or after a meeting]




1. A member may be removed by the pastor for lack of attendance at regularly

scheduled and announced council meetings and for personal misconduct or

for promoting beliefs that are inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic



2. The pastor has the final decision on whether to remove a Council member.

He will meet with the member privately to discuss the situation.






Council members must spend time in prayer, individually and collectively. We believe that prayer is the foundation for discernment, visioning and planning for the Cluster.




Any item in this handbook may be amended at any regular meeting of the pastoral council by a two-thirds vote and the approval of the pastor/administrator provided that the amendment was submitted in writing at the previous council meeting.


DRAFT 8-4-09


Our Cluster 4

St Mary of The Visitation
112 Military Street
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St Agnes
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St Paul's Mission
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Mass Times

 Summer Mass Schedule:


May 1st to Oct. 31st


 Winter Mass Schedule:


Nov. 1st to April 30th


St. Mary of the Visitation:

Summer Schedule
Saturday 6:00pm
Sunday 8:00am

Winter Schedule
Sunday 8:00am
Sunday 10:30am


St. Agnes:
Summer Schedule
Sunday  10:30am

Winter Schedule
Saturday 4:00pm


St. Paul's Mission:

Summer Schedule
Saturday 4:00pm
Winter Schedule
No Mass



Daily Mass @ St. Mary's:

 Monday        @ 7:30am

Tuesday       @ 7:30am

Wedneday    @ 7:00am

 Friday @ St. Mary's @ 7:30am

 except First Friday Devotion

 with Mass @ 6:30pm and

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

from 7pm - 8pm


 Daily Mass @ St. Agnes:


Thursday @ St. Agnes @ 5:30pm


If there is a Funeral during the week,

Mass is cancelled and the

Mass intention is rescheduled

to the following week.